Ralph Gustafson: Anthologist-Poet

IMG_2654 (2)

(rare J.M. LeBel Enterprises, 1973 LP; features poems read by Gustafson, F.R. Scott, P.K.Page, Earle Birney, Michael Ondaatje, Francis Sparshott, Douglas Barbour, Stephen Scobie and others)


(rare signed of this title, 1960, McClelland & Stewart; beautifully designed by Frank Newfeld as part of a series he did for M & S)


(The great Frank Newfeld will be featured later.)

Ralph Gustafson (1909-1995) was born in Lime Ridge, Quebec. He attended Bishop’s University (Lennoxville) and Oxford U. While he was living in New York, he edited The Penguin Book of Canadian Verse. HisĀ  poetic craftsmanship is most evident in Rivers Among Rocks.

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