Two-Time G.G. Winner for Poetry


(1944 G-G winner; Ryerson, 1944)


( 1972 McGraw Hill Ryerson dj; neither drawing or photo are credited)


(signed copy of above book)


(signed, 1973 Penguis dj and bio blurb–Harold Town did the cover illustration)


(these two rare signeds were laid into the above book; 1st is U of AB invitation; 2nd is a U of Victoria memorandum; c.f. Miriam Waddington for a note back to ‘Dee’)

Dorothy Kathleen May Livesay–aka Mrs. D.C. Macnair (1909-1996) was born in Winnipeg and eventually taught in various parts of the world including Zambia.  She received her BA at the U of Toronto and studied at the Sorbonne. The ever-busy Livesay also worked as a social worker in New Jersey and Vancouver, and for the YWCA as well as UNESCO. She was a journalist, writing for newspapers in Winnipeg, Toronto, and Vancouver. Eventually, she became a professor at the U of AB and U of Victoria. Her first poem collection was The Green Pitcher (1928). Her second G-G winning collection was Poems for People (1947). She also knew Raymond Knister and wrote a memoir for his collected poems.

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